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The Eldon Public Library Repair and Restoration Project
The Eldon Public Library Repair and Restoration Project...
Roof Restoration and Repair
The restoration and repair of the roof is almost complete! The new copper eaves and downspouts have been installed and the workers are putting the final tiles back on. Work began in April, when the tiles were removed and stored, as well as the eaves and downspouts. It was at this point that it was discovered that the original eaves were copper. There was a hole cut into the roof and the insulation was removed. Once the workers could get inside, it was decided to not remove the entire roof, but to put a steel beam and 3 supports in place. The chimney was tuck pointed and a copper chimney cap was installed. The insulation was blown back in and the hole was repaired. There was a delay with putting the tile back on, due to weather and material breakage, but it is looking great!